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Ibhuza Guest Villa
In the month to come, we open up our latest edition to the Life Equity family, Ibhuza Guest Villa. The name of the large hawklike bird of prey suits the elevated position, like a birds nest on the dramatic mountain side of the Twelve Apostles.

Ibhuza is a 8 bedroom architectural dream with high ceilings and magnificent sea and mountain views.

At Ibhuza, we welcome creativity, art, fashion and music, all surrounded by the cutting edge architecture from the famous South African architect Pedro Roos, know for his glass, steel and concrete structures.

We like to put Ibhuza Guest Villa on the map for hosting special events, exhibitions, fashion shows and music nights. We aim to promote cool, young and upcoming artists and we never say no to a good party.

Does this sound perfect for you? Please make an enquiry.

The go-green project
The Life Equity brand has taken the decision to put our money where our mouth is and present our new cool , The go-green project.

We are proud to say that we started the journey to self-sustainability. We are establishing regeneration by initiating closed-loop cycles, which create a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle that is harmoniously integrated with nature. We intend to reconnect with the Earth and inspire the community to come together in alignment with eco-centric values. The go-green Initiative is an essential part of our business strategy and align perfectly with our core values.

In practical terms, we will turn both Ukhozi and Ibhuza Guest Villas fully self sustainable with Solar power for all daily consumption, we will gather and store rain water for day to day use, such as showering. We will adapt the villas to run off the grid. In this way, we minimize our negative impact on the planet we all love and share.

As part of the project, we will furnish both Ukhozi and Ibhuza with new greenery to minimize our carbon footprint, we already establishing a organic herb- and vegetable garden which will be attended by our lovely gardener and specialist Eve Wildflower together with the members of the Life Equity family. We all look forward to last our first organic self grown food and herbs. Miss Eve Wildflower will also hold workshops for those who want more knowledge of all that is green.

It´s all about changing the way we look at nature and moder Earth, and Life Equity is determined to do our part.

The Vegan Initiative
Join the vegan initiative and our brand-new vegan cooking class hosted by two of our favorite original nomads that has been with us from the start, Lucia and Charlotte. Whether you are new to veganism, interested in the lifestyle or looking to be more creative in the kitchen, this class is the perfect way to experiment with new recipes without meat, eggs or dairy.

More and more people are choosing to eat more plant based or are becoming vegan.
Besides the health benefits, providing the body with a purer form of energy, veganism also contributes to a greener planet. Even if it requires some dietary changes, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on delicious and exciting dishes. In this class, you will learn about the nutritional part and why whole plant foods provide the most health benefits and discover how to substitute ingredients to make recipes vegan.

Whether you are new to veganism, interested in the lifestyle or looking to be more creative in the kitchen, this class is the perfect way to experiment with new recipes without meat, eggs or dairy.

Get fit or die trying
The Life Equity Family has taken a decision. We only have one life, let’s make the best out of it. Physical and mental health goes hand in hand and we choose to be at our best.
What ever your goals are, get fit for the surf waves, more durable for the next Lions head hike or just shape your body for the upcoming beach days, we have the answer.

As a start of an amazing season, join our fitness classes at Ukhozi Guest Villa. Start off your Sunday morning with deep stretches or unwind your day with deep breaths and beautiful panoramic views and sunset over the Atlantic ocean. Whatever suites you best, morning or evening yoga sessions, or maybe both? For those who seek more adrenaline, join our boxing class in the garden of one of our villas. Get strong and fit in an energy-fueled, friendly environment where you find yourself pushing your limits during every session.

Last, if you are in the mood for a private session, we are proud of our own special nomad, Larissa, who is living at Ukhozi Guest Villa. Larissa is a professional personal trainer and will gladly assist you with both gym and boxing.