A dream, But our reality

Our Guest Villas provides spaces for a community of likeminded individuals. Ukhozi, home of the digital nomads or travellers that loves to combine work and play, and in At Seventy Eight, a more tranquil option for creative people that loves art and beauty.

But the common factor for both villas is that we live in a sustainable & healthy manner while enjoying the lifestyle and experiences that each location has to offer, always trying to perfect the art of living. We offer a relaxed and unpretentious way of living, a space for work and to share ideas, socializing or spend time in reflection and solitude , all depending on your mood. The villas offer in- or outdoor pool relaxation, gym, yoga sessions on the terrace or garden and all outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing and stand-up paddle board. Explore all the fine culture of wine, food and beautiful environments that Cape Town has to offer. Welcome to Ukhozi and At Seventy Eight, two lifestyle destinations for all of you likeminded aware individuals of the new generation.

Living and working at this beautiful place just flew by. Thanks for these unforgettable memories we made, adventures we took & love we shared.

Core values

Life Equity Guest Villas are all about celebrating life. We welcome a healthy sustainable way of living and to find the perfect balance between work and leisure. We wish to impact our friends and the community at our villas to live healthier, more aware and with care.

With mental and physical training for body and mind, organic and local grown food and sustainable way of life, we strive for balance. In the bigger picture, we care for our planet and environment. We are aware of our imprint on the globe and sustainability and environmental work is something we take seriously. Many of our nomads are vegan, and they love to share their knowledge and experiences with everyone that will listen. It’s all about the art of living.

For who

Life Equity provides an escape from the normal, it’s a place for likeminded individuals to live, work, play and connect. Our villas suits individuals that are looking for a change not only in their everyday life, also within themself. Most of our nomads are people who think differently and want more from life than the concept of 9-5 work.

Why being stuck in traffic on your way to the office for one hour every morning when you can start your working day with a sunrise yoga session? Or choose an hour of adrenaline on some of the best surf waves in the world, or maybe just a morning hike in our back yard, the beautiful twelve Apostles Mountain range, we do it all.

We are proud of our nomads, families, group of friends and we see all of them as part of the Life Equity family. This is what separates us from all other accommodation out there, hotels, air-b-n-b facilities, we are one family and that makes our villas unique. Our nomads are excellent hosts, and we can hardly keep up with all gatherings, formal and informal parties and cool events that’s being organized at the villas.

Change you life before it is too late.

Welcome to Life Equity.

Rent a Villa

Ar you in need of an entire villa our for you, your friends, family or company?
Or only part of one villa for an evening? Everything is possible.

– Your dream summer holiday’s with friends and family
– Conferences, seminars, workshops and incentives for key staff and clients for periods of temporary remote working
– Corporates, like production Companies needing the space and luxury to look after a full crew during a certain project
– Corporates relocating temporary from abroad in need of a co-working and co-living space during a certain period.

If the vibe is right, we can host your private party, both leisure and work related, at any of our villas. The favorite use are:
– Model shoots
– Art exhibitions
– Fashion events
– Private dinners
– Birthdays
– Unplugged music nights
– Morning and sunset yoga and boxing classes
– Food- and wine tastings